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Hey Freelancer is about keeping your money in check so you can do what you love. Whether it’s taking time off work to record that album, write your book, starting your business, or going off the grid and doing nothing for a while. It’s about being self-employed as a freelancer or artist, and making the hustle work for you. It’s about getting past the stereotypes and stigma of artists being terrible at their money and that they need to starve to pursue their passions. It’s about synching up your finances with leading a life of your own design.

The thing is, you don’t need a ton of money to do what you love. You just need to get smart about what you do with your cash.

FYI: If you’d like to reach out to me directly, feel free to shoot me an email at jackie@cheapsters.org

“About Me” Bios are kind of weird, aren’t they?

I guess this is where I include some random, quirky facts about myself:

-After living vicariously through people who worked for themselves, in the fall of 2015 I decided to forgo a full-time contract job and make a go of freelancing full-time. I get to write about personal finance, and figuring out ways to save and grow my money has been a longtime love of mine.

-I once had an alter ego named WorldsCheap. WorldsCheap participated in a drunken spelling bee hosted by “the dollar” comedian Neil Hamburger. I was eliminated after misspelling “Springsteen.”

-When I was a child, I had separate piggy banks for each type of coin: one for pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters. I was saving for the neighborhood carnival. Yes, my money maniacism started at an early age.

-I am a failed aspiring hand model. I learned about a body parts modeling agency through a customer at a coffee shop I worked at. I went to an open call. I balked at the thought of having to get manicures every two weeks and applying cuticle oil before bed every night. I was just too cheap to fully commit.

-My first side gig was when I was 10. I was an extra in Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” music video as a child Vietnamese boat refugee.


My once alter ego, Worldscheap

-I’ve peddled Pixie Stix in middle school for extra cash. I’ve also hunted down stories on the UCLA campus for a “Close Calls Against the Cops” book.

-When I was a freshman in high school I took my curiosity about money to the streets—the Burbank streets. I carried around a notebook and asked everyone I knew on their thoughts about money. I compiled the info into a nifty little zine (in Microsoft Publisher, thanks!) and titled it “Que? Thoughts on Money.”

-I have an affinity for woodland creatures and marsupial-esque things, particularly squirrels, quokkas, platypuses, and marmots.

-I like my things, but I like people and experiences even more. I enjoy writing fiction and love stories.

-I love my free time, probably more than anything else I can think of.

– I oftentimes struggle with wanting to indulge in my creative side, and obsessively work on my fiction, music, and art projects, and with volunteering and giving back to the community.

-I am a pseudo-minimalist and  Zen Buddhist practitioner.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end and now basically know everything I would’ve disclosed on a first date.


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  1. Ahoma says:

    Dear Cheap Sters

    Kindly note that i’m working on new song and i wanna make music video kind of MARVEL comic magazine , Please note that im independnt artist and i got low budget cash for this so how much its will cost me for 3-4 Min comic music video.


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